He has verily revealed to you this book in truth and confirmation of the books revealed before as indeed he had revealed the Torah and the gospel (Imran: 3).
Surely, there have benn many dispensations before you, so travel through the earth and see how evil was the end of those who treated the prophets as liars (Imran: 138).O people of the book, Our apposite has come to you, announcing many things of the scriptures that you have suppressed, passing over some others. To you has come light and a clear book from god (Maidah:15).Let the people of the Gospel judge by what has been revealed in it by god and those who do not judge in accordance with what God has revealed are transgressors (Maidah:47).Ask of all things what is most vital as evidence? Say, God (who) is witness between you me the this Quran has been revealed to me that I may warn you on its strength and those whom it reaches. Do you really bear witness there are other gods with God? Tell them, `I bear no such witness. Say, Verily He is the only God and I’m clear of what you associate (With Him) {Anam: 19}. Best life plan quotes for refer all kind of problems will be easily solved.