If you should see them when are stood before the fire, they will they will say,` Ah would that we were enter back ( to the world). We shall not deny the signs of our Lord and be among those who believe (Anam: 27).And when they are cast within a narrow space of it chained together, they would plead for death. Do not ask for one death but many deaths on this day (Furkan: 13-14).

If only you could see when the sinners will stand before their Lord, Heads hung low ( and say). O Lord, we have seen and head. So send us back. We shall do the right, for we have come to believe with certainty. Had we intended we could have given every soul its guidance but inevitable is My word that I will fill up hell with men and jinns together. So now suffer. As you forgot the meeting od this year day of Doom, so have we forgotten you. Now taste the everlasting punishment for your deeds (Sazdah: 12-14).If God were to seize men for their doings not a living being would be left upon the earth. But he gives them respite for a time ordained. When their time is come, surely God will keep (the interest of ) His creatures in view (Fatir: 45).They will say,`If we had listened and been wise, we would not have been among the inmates of Hell. So will they confess their guilt. Deprived (of all joys) will be the inmates of hell. For those who fear their Lord in secret if forgiveness and a great reward (Mulk: 10-12).