Constitution of Execution

O believers, ordained for you is retribution for the murdered (Whether) a free man (is guilty) of (the murder of) a free man or a slave of a slave, or a woman of a woman. But he who is pardoned some of it by his brother should be dealt with equity and recompense ( for blood) paid with grace. This is a concession form your Lord and a kindness. He who transgresses in spite of it shall suffer painful punishment. In retribution there is life (and preservation) O men of sence, you may haply take head for yourselves (Bakarah: 178-179).

And there (in the torah) we had ordained for them a life for a life, and an eye for an eye, and a nose for nose and an ear for an ear and a tooth for a tooth and for wounds retribution though he who forgoes it out of charity, atones for his sins. And those who do not judge by God’s revelations are unjust (Maidah: 45).Every people need to be remove all frustrate issue by life plan quote.