And hasten for the pardon of your Lord and for paradise extending over the heavens and the earth, laid out for those who take head for themselves and fear God (Imran: 133). Whatever the rancor they  may have in their hearts We shall (cleanse and) remove. Streams of running water shall ripple at their feet, and they will say. We have grateful to God of guiding us here. Never would we have been guided if God had not shown us the way. The apostles of our Lord had indeed. This is paradise you have inherited as need for your deeds. And the inmates of Paradise will call to the resides of hell. We have found that the promise made to us by our Lord was true. Have you also found the promise of your Lord to be true? They will answer, `Yes (it is so). Then a crier will call form among them. The curse of God be on the vile (Araf: 43-44).

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But those who believe and act for a beneficial and will be guided by their Lord for their good faith. At their feet shall flow streams of running water in gardens of delight. Their invocation will be. All glory to you, O God and Peace will be their salutation and the end of their prayer (will be). All praise be to God, the Lord of all the words (Younus: 9-10).When those who took heed for themselves would be asked. What did your Lord send down? They will answer. The best. For those who do good there is good in the world. But certainly the abode of the next is better. How excellent the home of the virtuous! They will enter perennial gardens with streams of water and all they wish. Thus will the pious and devout be rewarded (Nahol: 30-31).

God will surely admit those who believe and do the right to gardens with rivers running be where they will be decked in bracelets of gold and of pearls and of silk will be their garments (Hajj: 23)We shall admit those who believe and do the right to empyreal gardens with rivers rippling by where they will abide for ever. How excellent the guerdon of those who toil (Ankabut: 58).Their backs do not rest on their beds and they pray to their Lord in fear and hope and spend of what We have given them (0n charity) {Sazdah: 16}.Their greeting on the way they meet him will be. Peace and he has a generous reward ready for them (Ahjab: 33).It is not your wealth and children that will bring you closer to us, except those who believe and do the right. These will be given a two-fold reward to their deeds and will dwell in peace in the high empyrean (Saba: 37).Whoever does evil will be required in accordance with it but whoever does right, whether man or women and is a believer will enter paradise, where they will have provision in abundance (Mumin: 40). Every people need to be remove all frustrate issue by life plan quotes.