It was through God’s mercy that you dealt with them gently for had you been stern and hard of heart  they would surely have broken away from you. So pardon them and pray that forgiveness be theirs and seek their counsel in all affairs and when you have come to a decision place your trust in God alone for he loves those who place their trust in him (Imran: 169).Tell them,`I am not master of own gain or loss but as God may please. If I had the knowledge of the unknown I would have enjoyed abundance of the good and no evil would have touch me. I am only a bearer of warning and bringer of happy news for those who believe (Aram: 188).To you has come an Apposite from among you. Any sorrow that befalls you weights upon him. He is eager for your happiness full of concern for the faithful compassionate and kind (Taobah: 128).Even though you ask no recompense (for it) it is only a warning for all mankind (Yonus: 104).And go on worshipping your Lord till the certainty (of death)) comes upon you (Hijor: 99).Or do you ask of them any tribute? In that case the tribute of you Lord is better for he is the best of providers (Muminun: 72).

O you who believe do not enter the houses of the Prophet Mohammad for a meal without awaiting the proper time unless asked and enter when you are invite and depart when you have eaten and do not stay on taking. This puts the prophet to inconvenience and he feels embarrassed before you but God is not  embarrassed in (saying) the truth. And when you ask his wife for something of utility ask for it from behind the screen. This is for the purity of your hearts and theirs. It does not behave you to annoy the prophet of God or to ever marry his waved after him. This would indeed be serious in the sight of God (Ahjab: 53).Tell them,`I do not ask any recompense of you for this other than (urging) whoever likes may take the way to his Lord (Furkan: 57). Best life plan quotes for refer all kind of problems will be easily solved.