Anas Ibnu Malik (ra) was narrated. He said, a group of three came to the house of the wives of the Prophet to inquire about the worship of the Prophet . When they were told about it, they thought it was less than worshiping and said, "We can not compare with the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)." Because, all previous sins and sins have been forgiven. At that time one of them said, 'I will continue to pray all night long.' The other said, "I will observe fasting and I will not abstain from it."
The other said, I will abandon the relationship with the woman and I will never get married. Then Allah's Messenger came to them and said, "Are you those people who say such things? By Allah! I fear Allah more than you and know more about Him than you; Whereas I fast and I refrain from it. Pray and sleep, and I marry women too. [1] Therefore, those who would fight against my Sunnah are not of my group. [2] [Muslim 16/1, 1414, Ahmad 13534] (Modern Publication: 4690, Islamic Foundation: 4693)
Zuhri (RA) has been narrated. He said, 'Urwah has informed me that he asked'Aishah (R) about this statement of Allah: "If you fear that you will not be able to do justice to orphans, - Marry to two, three-three, and four-four; but if you fear that you can not do justice, then one person or a slave who is under your control; It is near to do injustice. "(Surah Al-Nisaah: 3)
'Aisha (R) said, O nephew! An orphan girl was under the supervision of a guardian who was attracted to her wealth and form. She wishes to betray her less than the right woman. Then people were forbidden to marry those orphans. But if they do justice and earn full Mahr (then they can marry). (Otherwise) they were ordered to marry other women except them. [244] (Modern Publication: 4691, Islamic Foundation: 4694)
'Narrated' Alqamah (RA). He said, when I was with'Abdullah (R), 'Uthman met with him in Minaat and said,' O Abu 'Abdur Rahman! I need something with you. Then they both went one side. Then 'Uthman said,' O Abu 'Abdur Rahman! Do I marry a virgin girl with you, who will remind you of your past tomorrow? 'When Abdullah saw that he did not need this marriage, he said to me' O 'Alqamah'. I went to him and said, 'You are telling me this (Allah's Apostle) said to us, O young man's party! The one who has the ability to marry among you, he should marry, and whoever does not have the ability to marry, should do so. Because, Sauam suppresses sexual power. [1905; Muslim 16/1, 1400, Ahmad 4033] (Modern Publication: 4692, Islamic Foundation: 4695)