'Abdullah bin Mas'ud said, "We were some youths with the Prophet (;). And we did not do anything. This is about us, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), O young people [1]! Those of you who can afford to marry should marry. Because the marriage restrains his eyesight and imposes shame, and whoever is unable to get married, he should observe fasting. Because Soum would suppress her sexuality. [1905]And Allah says: "Do not consume one another's wealth in the wrong way." But it is lawful to do business with one another. "(An-Nisaah: 29).
Islam is the equitable whole life provision given by Allah, who possesses all knowledge. It provides for the provision of taking several wives by two men under two conditions. (1) Most of the four wives will be able to keep them together, (2) Maintain justice in dealing with women. The nations which ignored the difficult reality of taking multiple wives, have been subjected to various sorrows, pains, tears in the social field, their morals have been destroyed. Therefore, due to special permission, Islam has allowed more than one wife to flow in the life of peace in human life.
1. When a man is deprived of children due to his wife in a long married life, the only way to get rid of this limitless deprivation is to marry another woman.
2. If a woman becomes immovable or crazy or becomes addicted to adulthood due to age, then whether a man who has a strong body and a good body will live forever in the fire of sexual tension without a second marriage? Or will the girlfriends and the princesses to spread indecency and fill the society with immorality?
It is also noted that if the husband becomes immovable or mad or becomes addicted to adulthood due to age, then the wife has the freedom to do her or not to live in her house. If he wishes he can skull khulabake. Therefore, more than one marriage is applicable only to the husband who has the capability of overall physical and financial support.
3. As a result of war - as it happened in Europe in the First and Second World Wars - when the number of men decreased, many women would be unmarried if there were no more wives. In those cases, all those women who are involved in illegal sexual practices will get rid of the whole society.
4. Some men possess more physical power than other men. It is impossible for men to be satisfied with a wife. Because, despite his desire, he can not suppress his biological power. Men are legally allowed to have second marriage permit. Otherwise, the maladaptation of society by these men will spread.
5. A working class may think that if another wife is able to help him in labor, then his economic need to take a second wife. In this way, there may be many more needs at the individual level, due to which a person may be forced to take more wives while a single wife is present.
Islam has allowed multiple marriages which are valid and reasonable for many reasons. If a woman ignores this provision, then there is fear of her faith.