These are the signs of Allah, We recite them unto thee with truth. Surely thou art one of the messengers (Bakarah: 253).How will they fare when we will gather them together on the day about which there is no doubt and when every soul shall be paid in full what it has earned and they  shall not be wronged. Say,`O Allah, Lord of sovereignty. Thou givest sovereignty to whom so ever thou pleased and thou takest away  sovereignty from whom so ever thou  pleased. Thou exactest whom so ever thou pleased (Imran: 26-27).They say,`Our Allah why hast thou prescribed fighting for us? Wouldst thou not grant us respite yet a while? Say,`The benefit of this world is little and the hereafter will be better for him who fears God and you shall not be wronged a whit (Nisa : 78).And thy Allah would not destroy the cities unjustly while the people thereof were righteous (Hud: 118).And the case of an evil word is like that of an evil tree, which is uprooted from above the earth and has no stability (Ibrahim: 27).But as for him who repents and believes and does righteous deeds, maybe he will be among the prosperous (Qassas: 68). They will say,`We know believe therein. But how can the attaining of faith be possible to them from a position so far off (Saba: 53).Say,` I have forbidden to worship  those whom you call upon beside Allah since there have come unto me clear proofs from my Allah and I have been commanded to submit myself to the Allah of the Worlds (Mumin: 67).And we made from among them leaders, who guided the people by our command, whilst they them selves were steadfast and had firm faith in our signs (Sajdah: 25).Vie with one another in seeking forgiveness from your Allah and for a garden the value whereof is equal to the value of the heaven and the earth, it has been prepared for those who believe in Allah and his massagers. That is Allah grace. He bestows it upon whomsoever  he pleases and Allah is the Lord of manse grace (Hadid: 22).But as to those who disbelieve and reject our sign, these shall be the inmates of the fire, wherein they shall abide and an evil destination it is! (Taghbun: 11).Best life plan quote for refer all kind of problems will be easily solved.