Two Eid and wear beautiful clothes in it.

948 'Abdullah bin' Umar (raashi). He said, 'Umar (Rasi) came to Allah's Messenger and said,' O Messenger of Allah, with a silk jubba being sold in the market. You can buy it. 'You will decorate yourself with the time of Eid and meeting with the delegation. Allah's Apostle said to him, "This is his dress, which has no share in the goodness of the Hereafter." After this incident, 'Umar (Razi) spent the day as long as he wishes. Then Allah's Apostle sent a silk wool to him, and Umar took it and came to Allah's Messenger (টি) and said, "O Messenger of Allah!" You said that it is no part of the welfare of which it is his dress (in the Hereafter). But you sent this jubba to me. Then Allah's Apostle said to him, "Sell it and fulfill your need with the sale of the money." (886) (Modern Publication: 895, Islamic Foundation 901)
951 Narrated by Baraa (Razi). He said, "I heard the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) giving sermons." He said, "We will start the work that we have started this day." Then we will return and sacrifice. So that he followed our style correctly. (955, 965, 968, 976, 983, 5545, 5556, 5557, 5560, 5563, 6673) (Modern Publication: 897, Islamic Foundation: 903)
'Aishah (ra). He said, "Abu Bakr (Razi) came to my house when one of the two Ansari daughters had sung about what the Ansarians had said on the day of B'Ass. She said that she was not a professional singer. Abu Bakr said, "Allah's Messenger (রে) satanic musical instruments in the house." And it was' Eid day. Then Allah's Apostle said, "O Abu Bakr! There is joy festival for every nation, and it is our joyous day. (949) (Modern Publication: 898, Islamic Foundation: 904)